Roku Tv scammers :(

Hi, this happened to my dad today and it made me upset knowing that I couldn’t help him sooner. To start this off, my parents purchased a Roku tv and he decided to set it up today. I walked in on him talking on the phone to someone and I instantly knew this couldn’t be legit. I asked my dad what was going on and he explained that he would get free channels and be able to use the tv for $100. I searched online and saw that you don’t need to pay to use the tv. I told him its a scam and the guy on the phone wanted to verify his card number. I could tell my father felt ashamed and I didn’t want to make him feel anymore worried. I told my dad to ask the guy why he needed to pay if the tv itself already has shows that you can watch for free. The guy was just making stuff up and had all of my dads info at that point so my dad kept talking to him. The guy told my dad to sign a paper that was sent to his email and I told my dad to not do it without reading it. So I told my dad to tell the guy that first he will read it and he will call back after he’s done. When my dad told that to the guy, the guy hung up. I was telling my dad that this was a scam and that he doesn’t need to pay. We checked his bank acc and he was already charged so I told him to call to freeze his account and to get a new card. I kept asking my dad about what else the guy told him but I could tell he felt sad about this happening. I told him to not worry and that its okay, things like this happen. My dad is a hard working man but I saw his balance in his bank acc and it was below $900, it made me feel sad as well since this $100 that he lost could of helped us with our groceries or bills. Aside from that, when I was on his phone I saw a website open in his browser which looked completely fake to me. On it was just a picture of a roku tv and a phone number and it says "call support to get roku activated by expert technicians. I posted the picture below and the phone numbers. Thank You for reading all of this and my apologies for any grammatical errors. I just wanted to write about this so it wouldn’t happen to anyone else.