Romance Scammers!

Hi everyone is has been a year come May 3rd that I was scammed out of money. He goes by the name of Gerold Bevillard and this is his email address: [email protected] and the cell he used is 1-385-985-1232. And there is another idiot who scams by the name of Tyler and his number is 510-327-8522. This dude actually called me with a Nigerian accent not the person he told me he was. One was found on a dating site that led me to hangouts and the other found me on IG. They both stole pics of military dudes.

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Hey there,
I hope they didn’t take much of your money. This is, unfortunately, a common scam for Nigerians to use. They use pictures of military man with a story to get you to send money.
I hope you’re doing okay and didn’t ruin to much of your trust in humanity. There’s still lots of good people out there. Unfortunately you do have to be in your guard when taking to someone on the internet, especially when he/she is asking for favors or money.

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Tmrw ill call them to screw with them

Luckily my parents bailed me out of it. I was dumb with it, and I got mad so I made a book about it with the real texts to warn people.

I hope you do he deserves it!