"Say Yes" Scammer's number

So this 978-650-1969 left a voicemail on my hairstyle friend’s phone. Is there a way to track and stop these kind of scammers, Would be nice to see it happen on Youtube. If anyone wanna leave a story of the worse possible outcomes of this kind of scam and a positive outcome of this scam like someone recovering/ stopping the scammer before they did any damage, it would be nice to have perspectives.

What you can do is annoy the hell out of them, and maybe they will kill the number. But there is no guaranteed way to get numbers shut down. Unless they are flooded to the point where they cannot keep up with the amount of incoming calls.

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It would be nice to see that they were try to get you to do… the more info we have the better we can get them :slight_smile:

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I seen scammers get flooded on YT, that is very true. I wanna see it happen more haha

Having more perspectives and more info is the best thing ever.