[SCAM!] Congratulations! You won iPhone 11 Pro Max! Only $1!

Recently I got this pop-up that appeared in many forms. One such example was in a Chrome browser survey.
Browser: http://apps6026.ttl-live-or-money127.live/8767687805/?u=f7pk605&o=mtv8nnk&f=1 (deleted)
Link 2 (The appearance got updated already, when you click Choose it shows a 400 bad request): https://www2.innovativehitech.xyz/iwxb/sgvu-xfl/index-sg.html?td=www.hudsonvalleytechnology.com&browser=Chrome&country=Singapore&city=Singapore&os=Windows&pr=1159%20SGD&yp=0%20SGD&cep=0VPzGxED0oYZTOTQTP4OKN4-QUPXDjEHXzTGxy0wtTwz1GOXJpLswKyNqWujQ5b29Oqk3FQlHLu78seFXG3neQghW_O26-W9aGy0k7SXJW46Xsi0ASgJSzI-NXLMjNLxarBzNjUbkko2beFT8twdQoJtIvElWDFEFCFx8ghF31Grb-vw5O6zZSRnu23XgvChesfrUKfnGhw2omPMcWS-z9SD_N7BTvfyLAR3f6dUsT9Je2Wgh_dWc9pndXbktAaxdlizt9l5JeLHcNBKSvfuvSk2epntMsipE-3UJumlrb8AC6FzsglJhdC92S9-wHJXK5UEOApksqH7gd6GUY_WQsGZlHYkVqqTi-nGeCMY3YTnu_X0orLQB6-7uXQIkUR64FJjpq4zKIRqUvvoykPLucH3tbSTVcXj82mjDhvs26jO-Ems-MSXoBmUC9uCTOB4ZjGpf0BP_JdTnPxGkdD57BX2gaG8puIVrRd5r2xoKuAMdo3hWdiCIT7uMcdPfOsy5XxfPuqvurFVFbSdJSwelyYZGv-cRN9KEnFfM_Wso5o&lptoken=15df7121108497d9171b&1=101&2=Streaming%20&%20Cloud%20Storage&3=Cloud%20Storage&4=84605&5=SG%20Main%20Wifi%20RON%201.01%20-%20Lead%20-%20Desktop&6=75786&7=1024x768&8=SG&cpv=0.00092&cid=0fdaef7d-2f00-4c58-aa91-011d75648027# (Still very much alive)
Just for fun, I attempted it :grin:. It then told me that I could win an iPhone 11 Pro Max for only $1 but it needed credit card info. Do not give it. How do you know they will only charge $1? To me I was wondering “$1 isn’t that much of a difference, why can’t you give it free?” It happened that I was considering to buy iPhone 11 Pro (Max) way before that :sweat_smile:.
Then, after a few weeks, a similar pop-up came up and since I had the time I filled up the survey again. It told me that I could win a Galaxy S10+ for only $1 (that was before the Note 10 was released).
I traced the website to one where I was looking for OS X Mountain Lion’s ISO file for my VM, and I found that a certain website I clicked always redirected me to a pop-up.

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