Scambait via Chat

Yippee Tech at it again .

also here is the secondary rat tool they install when you are away. i unchecked it but it would allow them remote accesses anytime your pc is powered on.

Please make sure you put posts in the right category.

wasn’t youtube promotion correct?

It is a youtube promotion, you had put it in the promotion category with no secondary so I moved it to youtube

Sorry, I thought I had chose both categories.

dead link either way

The video link is fine actually. You may be blocked in your country or need to check your connection.

NEVER download anything from a scammer, if you are gonna, use linux, they cant negotiate linux …they barely know english

Why use Linux? Anything they want you to install will likely be only for Windows, or Mac.

I don’t even know what this person is on about.

I dont either, there is absolutely no reason to use anything mac …unless you have more money than sense
I have my main rig and i have a laptop that runs linux thay i lets the scammers try and log into …cant syskey a linux box, sorry