Scambaiting outside America

So I want to start scambaiting, and I was told not to use my real phone number.
So I tried to use Google Voice that SR recommended. Unfortunately, I can’t use Google Voice as I am in Indonesia. (Only can be used in the US)

So, what should I do?

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Have you tried signing up with textnow via a US VPN?


You can also use Burner App or Private Test Messaging+ secure Texting & Calling App. These are paid though.

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Ive been trying to find a way to scambait from Australia but we are not able to get Google Voice or TextNow.

BobRTC does not appear to connect ever lol.

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Aussie here, I bought $5 credit on Skype with a burner acc. I couldnt work out how to get GV and TN to work but realised I could just use Skype. Not free but not that expensive (in my opinion, will vary with others)

Edit: You can choose what sort of number you have, like what capital city you are from. I was originally given a Sydney number but chose a Brisbane number, as its fitting!

Good luck with the scambaits.

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I’m from Saudi Arabia and I use TextNow to call scammers.
At the beginning you’ll need a US VPN to sign up and after that you won’t need to connect to a VPN in order to call scammers

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Yet, I’d recommend to always use a VPN on your host.

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Of course if you want to let in scammers to your PC (or probably VM)