Anyone know how YouTubers be connecting 2 scammers together so easily?

This can be done in multiple ways. It usually begins with simply calling two scammer numbers and treading thin ice to keep them both connected. it can be tough because most scammers just want your money and info so funny business just makes them hang up.

I mean as in what platform or program they do it on.

I’m assuming you mean the calling software. this can be anything from textnow to VOIP. There’s a few posts on this.

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OK Thank you, Appreciate it

Do you know how to merge calls with scammers on textnow?

I tried merging a call earlier but I cannot find any options to do so, but I will update this post if I find anything

I use textnow app and if you add call and both have answered you can merge calls

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Thanks Johann I found the same. Close the post?