Scammer accept fake pay check and got a virus (epic)


I called this number 18558527658.

After the scammer remote my VM via GoToAssist and tell me the prices and regular bullshit I asked him if it’s ok to pay by check and he said ok. (finally a stupid that accepts paychecks) He asked me to send him a picture with the paycheck.

I prepared this fake image and I copied it on my desktop. He open it and said OK :slight_smile:
(I prepared before the call an entire editable paycheck in Photoshop and I just filled the check with his details)


After this I let him approx 45 minutes to “clean the computer”.

During this time I communicate with the scammer via notepad and I asked him various stupid questions

Before call him I prepared on the desktop a bite folder that contains a beautiful wannacry virus masked as a City Bank application.


He saw and open the fake folder for a second and quickly copy the virus on his computer.

Immediately start swearing me in notepad and he run the virus in my VM also.

I just type “hahahahahahahahaha” and he disconnect. I tried to call him back to have some more fun but he hang up immediately.


haha good one lol, These scammers really are dumb.


Here it is the editable Photoshop paycheck for anyone who wants to pay these scumbags.


he say’s I have to be a registered user


thats the same with me too


Dont mean to bump, but oh my god what a moron :joy:


This number is still on. I just called and I behaved like I don’t know anything about PC. He asked if I’m registered I’m like no and he’s like " ITS ONLY FOR REGISTERED USERS YOU CAN CUT THE CALL" as hes reading the good bye script I make sure he hears what I say " maybe stop scamming people you son of a bitch". Down with these cunts.

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