Scammer Call from IRS - Officer "????"

Scammer from IRS - 1800-256-9963

The first two parts are prerecorded, just press 1 each time. The actual scam is for a “100 dollar voucher to stores such as Walmart”. They claim that you’re a lucky caller, so you can receive the voucher just for calling. This is my first day scambaiting, so I’m not very good. I get really nervous for some reason when I call any scammers. Edit: Make sure to not press 1 too early, or else it will transfer your call to another bot. Edit 2: They’ll ask for credit card, zip code and address details, so have fake details ready. Edit 3: There are apparently two scams on this line! I waited long enough on the first bot call and they’ve got a second scam for “50% off car oil changes and tire swaps.” Edit 4: I’m sorry for the massive amount of edits, but just be careful to not stay on the line for too long on the first recording, since it plays a loud noise that sounds like a fricking jet engine and won’t let you press any numbers.