Scammer called my grandma 1(866)-487-3104

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This number just called my grandma, Scammers haven’t directly targeted my family before, but since my moms boyfriend and I knew about this, we were able to stop her in time and we told her to hang up and disconnect the scammer from her computer. Thankfully, they were just getting to payment options, but the number is 1(866)-487-3104


They called me back on this number: (516) 673-9758

claimed to be the “Microsoft official support”

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The scammer on that number was giving me the silent treatment

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Thankfully your grandmother was lucky that you were around to intervene in time! That could have had a serious negative impact. It’s sad on how these scammers also specifically target the elderly as well as those whom are technologically illiterate.

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