Scammer impersonating as Scambaiter (Official Youtube)

Scammer number: +1-445-202-0457
Scammer website: Telegram.
Any other scammer information:
Disregard my last pending post, this one is much better
Their scammer tag is @JIMFANDOM, they are impersonating as the real Scambaiter ( Scambaiter - YouTube Their real channel, if you see the comments, they are actually posting their grammar issues for telegram, they will be listed on the evidence posted below. Their number is active and ready to be dealt with.

If this post gets awareness, I’d be very thankful. This is kind of pissing me off during that time when one makes a comment to contact me for help

Go get them!

Scammer Evidence 1
Scammer Evidence 2
Scammer Evidence 3
Scammer evidence 4

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I can’t seem to access those evidence links, but will take your word for it. I did want to ask if our guy “James Boiler” (1.67M YouTube subscribers, myself included) is aware of this impersonator.
Thanks for making this known.

Whats wrong with the evidence links? Is it broken or something?

I just viewed them. The links are okay; might have been a problem at my end.
I exchanged messages with the real Scambaiter last night (early Thurs. morning, my time [EST]). He said he’s aware of the impostors, who tend to contact people who have posted that they’ve been scammed. The impostors might offer to help victims after they pay $100 for “software” needed to solve the problem. He said it must be profitable, because as fast as he gets one taken down, another (or maybe the same one, with a new name) pops up. Whack-a-Mole Deluxe. :angry:
Is it just me, or would the spelling “Teligram” in one of the scammer’s replies cause anyone else’s BS Detector to beep just a little? The real Scambaiter writes a helluva lot better than that, but maybe the average reader looking for help wouldn’t notice it.

As most scammers use improper english or poor grammar, so its a chance its a fake scambaiter impersonator

Some scammers deliberately use poor spelling and grammar to test the intelligence of their targets. In their mind if you can fall for an email with blatant poor grammar and spelling, you’re more likely to fall for their scam, especially when they’re reading from a well written script.

Not like I was fallen for this one, I was acting like a legitmate user but got their number to bomb on them and scambaiters to do, never fell to such scams like this one. Apart from twitter scammers, but was reported to authority thankfully.

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