Scammer numbers 2



I called the first number​:joy:,slashed them from the beginning and said some serious shit from contacting local authorities in india and guys from techscammersunited are serious hackers and there is an legion of them comming for you​:wink:,they got every details about you guys and even have live feed of your web cams,and he was like ‘Whattttttt​:astonished::dizzy_face: im so fcukd’
He then told im too aware of these but i dont have any job other than this they pay me 10k rupees per month to do this

LOL i’ve been calling these guys and once I called at 3am sounded like the guy was half asleep when he answered. Didn’t seem that bothered in talking to me but said he will be charging me $500 to fix my computer. I said I will think about it (to style it out). Called back today and he said he knows im doing pranks etc. I dragged on the conversation for 10 minutes but he said he won’t be helping me and knows everything about me but couldn’t give any details. I think we should flood it :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m having so much fun with these guys HAHA!