Scammer numbers from stream

All the scammer numbers from the stream yesterday:

Number: (800) 969-1446
Urgency call from Microsoft all your computer Microsoft Windows Word Excel Tower Point license key got expired all your services will be terminated in one hour call Microsoft 180-096-9144 extension 6 toll free immediately to renew your Windows license key I repeat 180-096-9144 extension 6.

Number: 201-467-8067
From Microsoft Windows service your computer window security has been expired so kindly cancel to services or else 299 dollars will be auto generated from your account so call out 120-146-7806 extension 7 I repeat 201-467-8067 I repeat 201-467-8067.

Number: (469) 856-8862
Your customer this is a reminder from Microsoft support team as your computer service of Christian will be auto renewed there will be a deduction $299.00 from your account in case you don’t want to get charges please call us to cancel your subscription our toll free number is 146-985-6862 I read at the number to call is 146-985-6886 extension 2.

Number: 844-521-4222
This is an auto generated call from Microsoft your computer is compromised by hackers to resolve the issue now press one or kindly give us a call 185-552-8522 extension 2.

Number: 315-544-0866
Hello this is a reminder call for you that your Microsoft service and Windows Defender is getting renewed this month with the charges of $99.99 per month for future systems regarding your status if your cancellations please call us that 131-554-4086 extension 6.

Number: 360-684-1422
We are calling from Windows refund department we inform you that we are facing server issues so we will not be able to provide you the promised computer services so we are responding your money if you wish to cancel the services and looking for refund your money then press $1.00 and if you wish to continue with the service then your card will be charged 299.99 dollars your refund case ID number is 99 not a 34 hashing 9 press one to refund.

Number: (805) 283-9579

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