Scammer PBX -

Here is a scammers PBX (phone system).
Not sure if it is still active, but here are the details:
From what i can see, everything is password protected.
I have had a quick check - admin/admin, defaults etc. No go.

Someone have a good crack at it.


Interesting files: (directory list) (directory list)

It seems to be connected to a ‘Microsoft Refund’ scam number. The server is in the US but the software is being accessed from overseas, likely the hosting is “leased” through stolen information.

A word of caution: even if you can get into the backend of the Vici, you still do not have access to their actual software dialer (eyebeam or the like) thus you cannot answer calls or speak to callers. Also every link/file you click in a directory, it is recording your IP and if you do not know exactly what you are doing, you can open a huge can of worms for yourself.