Scammer popup - (800) 759-8538

Number: (800) 759-8538

popup link:

If they ask you where you’re calling from. Tell them “Staint Brad’sBerry Montana” if they ask a follow up question or accuse you of giving false information. Tell them that it’s not on google maps “because their little hybrid car couldn’t get here”

Approaching 4 hour mark with “Henry Young”, second store

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Keep going. Run up their bill on the 800 number

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Seems like a small operation and a little desperate

@ScammerRevolts FYI, better that you don’t post direct links to their sites because they can see the referring website address in their logs

Unless you suppress or spoof the referer URL in some way. Firefox has lots of options for extensions to do that.

They actually sound a little sorry when I guilt them about sending an old man out to the store to risk catching COVID, still asking for the cards though

Called again, got “Peter” who educated me about gift card scammers and took my credit card details. These guys are easy marks

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