Scammer Popup (windows os based)

“important security notice from microsoft your computer has been locked up your IP has been used by unknown persons on websites with ID theft virus to unlock your computer call support now”

hxxp://! (link will increment to attempt and overload your browser and RAM and display a popup behind the browser you are using and will force full screen)

Number: +1-844-794-3999


the other screenshot it had while it was sounding the “alarm” lol

They are still active but are noticing our bogus calls. My first call they told me that it was a scam popup and to just restart. The second almost instantly asked if I was using a VM and after a half hour he just hung up. No memz :confused:

good number
just called at 10;38am est

They are super cautious right now. They want money upfront, They have been searching up phone numbers via area code and checking CCs. I got pass the female with fake outrage and got handed over to a guy(after my vm crashed from the pop up it took so long). He checked my IP, said nothing was wrong then wanted my CC and address/phone again. I gave my usual fake number but he wanted the “active line”. So I will be tossing a burner number as it had a good run. I tried my best at the end to get him to talk to me and see if he wanted out of this life and he just wouldn’t listen.