Scammer(s) using a Chilean univerty's domain

Last month I received my first ever email scam. I thought about posting it here, but didn’t go through with it, I’m not sure how interested you guys are in email scams.

So, I just received anothet one. Honestly, it is so bad I have to wonder if it isn’t just a dumb prank.

Here are the emails, the first one then the second:

There is no text, it is just an image with that written in it (that’s the case in both emails). Not sure what’s up with that, I didn’t click on them, though. I am not too tech-savvy and much less “scammer-savvy” so I couldn’t do any proper investigating, sorry about that.

What I think is most interesting is that both emails use the domain of a Chilean university, Utalca. If anyone knows Spanish, maybe give them a heads up. :smiley:


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just send the image of the email to them so they know. with the caption “someone is pretending to be your organization to scam people.”