Scammer sites and number dump

All these scammer sites are off of the same host so we were able to find the domains to all of them and then the numbers from the individual sites. Not sure which number are active and which are not but I just wanted to expose this little club of sites they have going for various different scams.




Dial Printer Support is an online service provider which provides the best customer service. It resolves the brother laser printer, brother printer and desktop issues. Once you give a call at +1-888-621-0339 the expertise they will get in touch with you to figure the exact problem. Further the team will guide you on the ways to resolve the issue over the phone.

<a href=‘’>Printer Support Customer Care</a>

Yeah, when I call, “Dial Printer Support” is “techneekal sub boat.” For whom I asked? “AOL”.

“Yes sir.”
When’s the last time you used AOL dude? The dialup days?
“Who are you trying to reach?”
You. We all know you’re a scammer and so are those people I can hear in the background.
Doesn’t answer my callbacks.
–changes caller ID–
Immediately answers. Same guy different name. Barry.

Let’s make his day fun!

I think I’m stuck in some weird blackhole of printer support pages. These are all the same people right?

Send help.

which one has the most call ins im looking to target a few of them (fairly new and am way into this) @ScammerRevolts

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