Scammer Spammer Meme 5k

I whipped up a quick script to run on a scammers system after gaining access.
Its downloads a meme from the ‘internets’ and gives the scammers a few extra copies (5000).
Drops the meme into:

  • Docs
  • Pics
  • Desktop


[ Contains .exe and .vbs script, only one is required - you choose your path ]

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This would be a good one to change the name to “banking details” and swap the icon. Then hope they steal the file and open it? Hahaha that would be awesome.

Im sure the end user can figure out how to change the name of the app haha.

To change the icon of the exe you can use -

oh I wasn’t asking how to do it. I was more or less asking if this would be a good one to do that with. But thanks for the link for changing the icon.