Scammer threatened to twist my neck

He called me, I answered and they hung up. I called back and he said “social security how may I help you?” I asked him to take me off his call list and he started cursing me out saying he’d twist my neck. I said I was 17 and he said “I’d twist your 17 year old neck” and he kept threatening me. I hung up he called back and I answered. He said if I hung up again he’d call me with 100 different numbers. He still went on to say he’d twist my neck I said do it and he said he has a thousand hackers to track me down. Someone please fuck this guy’s whole life up. Thank you

‭+1 (310) 359-9903‬

That’s the number please go for it

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Well I just called and someone just hung up.

Same thing happens to me as well

Dude Iam destroying his phone line lol