ScammerBait VM

So i’m setting up a scambait vm. But i have some questions.

  • To make an fake email adress i need a phone number “DO NOT want to use my own”
    Is there any websites that can generate a fake number so i can get the verification code?

  • My VM has VmBox listed in different tabs inside the “Manage”

  • What do you use to call the scammers back?
    Here in Norway we can buy prepaid simcards BUT they have to be registered to sosial security number :confused:

For the fake number do you just need to receive a verification text message? If so I might be able to help you.

Yeah i need a verification code for setting up an Yahoo account. I’m also going to need some verification codes later on :slight_smile:

But what do you use for “fake numbers” ?

I have always used because it is fast and reliable.

Hmmm for some reason when i try to use a number from the site you listed i get this.

Weird perhaps Yahoo is aware that these fake numbers exsist? It has always worked for me

Hmmm, strange. I tried using it with Google Voice also but never got the message there.

Perhaps you could use a premade Google or Yahoo account?