Scammers are on Quora now

Scammer number: +1 505 398 3388
Scammer’s social media page:
Any other scammer information:
[email protected]

Hey. Reporting actually worked on one of these sites? The scammer’s page has been deleted. Or maybe i just have it blocked. Someone else check that link and see what it says.

Page deleted. Way to go Quora!

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This is one of the many platforms scammers have used for quite a few years now, most commonly tech support scammers, and will make a post titled “ANTIVIRUS SUPPORT CALL [NUMBER]”. Replace antivirus with whatever tech support scam they are doing and they will make the same posts on multiple sites like Quora in order to try and get the post seen in Google search results so they and lure in unsuspecting victims to fall for their scam. This is really popular among QuickBooks scammers especially.

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