Scammers refund script - for starting calls

Got this off of another scammers computer and it looks like he typed it out himself! :rofl: :rofl:

hello this side alex here how can i help u
yes we are give u the call to let u know we are
sutting down our company due to some technical issue
s…so sir ur license is getting expire… so our
company is providing the refund for 299.99$…to
all the coustomer…for that u have to go in front
of the computer

yes sir i hope u would not remember u paid us
3 years ago for ur securities,service and maintance
of ur computer
our companpny name is microsoft resgistration

Org File:

(I find it interesting that a lot of these scripts have the name {Alex} instead of maybe parentheses and, in Hindi, instructing these people to make up their own names. I guess even the idiots these people hire are more intelligent than the script writers, amazingly enough.)

(I wonder why they write the scripts in English if it’s this broken. I also find it amazing that non-English speakers can navigate this text without any punctuation. Obviously after a lot of practice it becomes second nature to know how the sentences naturally come to a close but after hearing the inflection in the videos? It’s honestly Voodoo how they can find the end of sentences. Also how do they respond to inquiries about the state of the business? Any digging would quickly reveal the scam with how this is worded.)

(Not sure if the beginning is a typo or if they actually are instructing people to stutter. It has been known that stutters or other speech impediments unrelated to other languages often generate a sense of pity and invoke the internal need to nurture. Scammers could be trying to seem like helpless immigrants to their victims to lull them into a sense of false security but with how this is written I highly doubt the script writer used any level of intellect, much less put that much thought into it. Also the use of {the} as this all encompassing article in sentences is about to give me an aneurysm.)

(Sir as a default? I sure hope this jerk got an earful from a trans activist for assuming gender and the works…Anyways, there’s a lack of specificity in {securities}. Surely if they were wanting to scam windows users or Microsoft customers, they would simply list Windows Defender? I mean it matches their {department} and it would be a lot more convincing than {securities}. This dude is practically giving himself away at this point. Even more of a moron than before!)

Like who even writes the scripts? They’re so terrible! How does anyone work like this!? It’s a mystery of the internet…

I feel it’s just human nature to reduce suspicion if it looks like you’re getting something for nothing. It looks like someone with poor English made a mistake about owing you some money, so a lot of people just think “What do I have to lose? Let the poor guy pay me.” Also, it probably doesn’t work 99% of the time, but 1% of the time is enough to keep the scammers employed.