Scammers threaten to disconnect my Mums internet (aus) 1800431346

I just received a call from some obvious scammers from “Telstra” threatening to disconnect our internet. I am in Australia and cannot call them back from BobRTC. I don’t know how else to fix them…


What’s the number? Like wow what else did they say ?

The caller ID was 0353581541, I acted worried and told him I would call back, he gave me the number 1800431346 (australian toll free number)

It was a message warning me my internet would be disconnected in 24 hrs, and to press 1 to speak to a technician… i pressed 1 of course, he said something about; someone was accessing a site at midnight last night and there is an issue with the server or something, it didn’t make any sense and i couldn’t understand him very well…

I dont have the capacity to bait him but at the moment but have been looking into it for some time

Thanks for the reply

I tried to call no answer forn2 min called back they answer but hung up

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In case you aren’t aware yet, this is just a scam, they are not from Telstra

That’s going to be a spoofed phone number. I rang one of those back once and it answered as a branch of Coles in Sydney.