Scammers toll free numbers

make sure you call them before shutting down their number
wasting there time wont help.
my numbers have more then 20 employees
if u waste one person’s time , other 19 are successful
few numbers are dynamic too , these numbers change every hour
so why not shut them now
each number is verified from our end
all indian scammers stealing 500 to 10,000 usd


Wasting scammer time is always successful, if the other 19 succeed you’ve still prevented the one, and with a team of scambaiters on this website it’s unlikely they’ll only have one baited at a time. We do not “shut numbers” and I’m still not very sure what that means. Have you verified these numbers? most seem dead

yes sir , we get it from data mining.all are verified

Ok because a few of these are legitimate businesses

no sir , these are indians , selling pirated antivirus from india, no license to sell internationally.
others are cash app and paypal scammers
100% e checked it.

even if you type their number on google their website will come. and if you call them , you will know these are indians. then if you ask them stuff , they will get agitated or tell you to go to store to fix it because they know you not gonna pay.

to convince the victim , they have usa address set up , website setup , toll free number , epay system , debit card pay system , credit card pay system , if you somehow check their website , it has no license or authorization. it has just the has no usa company registration. they will act very professionally. try it sir.

not buying it,

(888) 846-5560‬ dead
(800) 811-9778‬ not even an english number
1800 201 5185 dead
1833 430 6109 dead
1800 445 2810 legit antivirus support help desk
(800) 917-9814 not even a valid number
(855) 855-5142‬ legit indian technical support in Chawla
1800 318 4042 literally the Hp help desk number
1844 433 2368 IQ techline company

I know what data mining is and it doesn’t relate to this.

a few of these numbers are scams, where are you getting this info from? also you do not need a license to internationally install antivirus. I help people in the UK, Netherlands, etc. from my work, no license required as long as I have purchased or have rights to the software.

we checked before posting
they use dynamic numbers to call
but after one our they may change their numbers.
but to install , customer does not need to pay. if customer pays for norton installation is during installation , they show customer all the stuff. we get this info from our person in usa.

He may not be a reputable source then.

if number i dead , someone attacked it.
if number is voicemail , they not picking up.
if number is ringing , they are scared.
if number is on menu , u can check

you cannot attack a phone line to shut it off. Been in the hacking business 10 years.

our purpose is to shut the num. some do it by flooding , some do it we dont know how.
posting innocent numbers not our thing.

he is.we have tested it. we got god replies from scambait central and scammerblaster.

Ok so to help you understand. Flooding does not “shut numbers” it pisses everyone off until they shut it down themselves. And I’m not saying you have ill intentions but a lot of these are innocent numbers. Whoever is giving you these isn’t as bright as they’re saying they are. If they told you they can “shut numbers” then they either work for a phone company or are clueless to the facts.

flooding is best sir.flooding is best.

flooding is illegal. actually. scammers just aren’t going to do anything about it.

yeah and scamming an old lady out of 50,000 usd , her life savings is not.

exactly, but most of these numbers aren’t doing that. TSU asks that you do not post numbers unless they’re verified scams.

I haven’t even gone through them all yet but my earlier post shows these are not all scams.