Seems like a new Microsoft support. Refund scam number just got the phone call about 5 minutes ago

Just got a phone call message from this number. And then I just read aloud the number back. So you going to first initial call from this number saying that you are out of refund because Microsoft Securities going out of business. Call the number back. So let’s have some fun with this one because it seems Brandi new.



Lmaoo so I kept calling them and i add another seamer in the same call it was funny they reynna scam each other

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yeah the number is completely dead now. A job well done!

I Shut down The number

I called and got all the way to them trying to connect to my teamviewer, then they started swearing at me when I gave them a bad password.

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I called again with a different number on my end, went to supremo this time, and then hung up when they couldn’t connect.

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