SMS convo today with Sephora card scammer

Ok, a little back story. I am part-time IT for a small landscaping company. I have my own IT company on the side. (Yes they know). Today one of my users sends me a forward via email. It is a scammer for sure. This type of email scam has happened before. They start with, " Hey, so in so, I am in an important meeting at the moment and can only talk via text. I have a very important task for you. Send me your cell #, and we will discuss it. Signed the Boss/Owner". I sent out an email to the company to not respond.

Now the good part: I get them to contact me. The convo was 2 hours long. I dragged them out as long as I could. See attached screenshots.

Names and numbers are blocked. The gift card is just a Google picture taken off the internet.

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