SNAPCHAT: I actually gave the guy props for being different

So I’ve been around scambaiting material for a while, I started getting into it when I discovered the funny Butch Driveshaft videos on YT years ago and then kept finding more stuff and getting more and more into, and I thought I had seen it all.

So yesterday, a random person added me on Snapchat using the Quick Add feature and usually I pay no attention to them, but they started messaging me and we had a little chat. She said her name was Laura Smith, 51, from LA, and me being in my 30s she said it was fine, and that she was new to the social media app and wanted to make friends, my name popped up and said it seemed cool so she added and started to chat.

Then things got a little weird, she began to say that because of her age, she was feeling lonely and was looking for someone to chat with often, and that she would be willing to offer such person, money in exchange for chats and other things akin to what a sugar daddy tends to do.

It seemed weird, and off, obviously so I “took the bait” and started asking questions to get more information, and not before long she hits me with the:

“You’ll be rewarded nicely but I need you to send me your CashApp login info so that I can transfer $5000 that will be sent by you to other people I owe money to, they blocked me on there so I can no longer send them the funds and they really need that money.”

Usually, scammers tend to play very young women with blurry photos and sad backstories of how their grammy in some far off land is sick and needs medicine or how they need help getting out of a hotel room, or something like that. But I had never seen someone impersonate a woman in her 50s.

Any of you ever come across something like this?

Plot twist: $5000 will be transferred from your account to her (or probably him).
Why don’t you give her (or him) a fake empty account?

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