SNS Professionals SCAM!

I am putting this up on techscammersunited because I trust this website and have seen a lot of cases that were resolved by this portal members.They are tech support scammers and called my grandmother and she fell for it. My grandmother is 65 and she does not have much information about the internet payments. These scum bags with the name of “SNS Professional” tried charging my grandmother account lot of times. I also have a screenshot as a proof for the same. I have managed to dig some information of them.

Toll Free Number - 18009842707

Website -

Name. - Avneet Singh
Organization - SNS Professional
Address - 91 Laguna Circle
City - Calgary
State / Province - Alberta
Postal Code - T1Y6W3

I trust this portal and I hope will find help in shutting these bastards down. I also googled their company address and found a house location. Surely its a scam.



Here is their other website:


Video by IT Advocate from 2016:

Message me for help. Definitely I will help you in this. [email protected]

For -

Searching at CVE ( for vulnerabilities…

-Last Reports:

    + CVE-2020-8655 ->

    + CVE-2020-7954 ->

    + CVE-2020-7799 ->

    + CVE-2020-1964 ->

    + CVE-2020-1958 ->

    + CVE-2020-1957 ->

    + CVE-2020-1954 ->

    + CVE-2020-1953 ->

    + CVE-2020-1951 ->

    + CVE-2020-1950 ->

You’re welcome ; )

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Wonder who did this… xD - Teach you to scam the elderly, don’t play games with people who don’t play games.

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Noice noice

number still active. just called them

Still up today. Called about 20 times. Thinking they’re giving up with my numbers. Told me to take photos of my ass. Lol

their contact form is not even saving the message.

Probably down now. I spent all day calling across a dozen numbers. If I can reach them again I’ll let it be known. The only thing they’d say in terms of who they worked for was google desktop.

I have done some research on them and found some more numbers.


And there website is still live. Please check!

sorry I came so late but I just did a scan myself and there are quite a lot of j-pake vulnerabilities but I think ill just go the old fashioned way with a payload and listener

They also have some videos posted on youtube and I commented about their whole scam and they took off my comment.

Links to the video -

Need to get these bastards down!

They are operating under multiple names.

ZNS Associates” is one of them.

Here is a screenshot of a customer who got scammed by them.

So, their old website isn’t working anymore… it gives a 404 or 403 error. They now operate their Scam from a different website ( Now, they have also added a payroll scam to their arsenal… They now also scam businesses using QuickBooks and other Payroll software in the US, UK, and Canada. This is mentioned in an article exposing SNS Professional ( Their new numbers:

US and Canada: 18004805152
UK: 448006527832

Let’s take ‘em down!

These scammers are very persistent, I have had to remove over 25 fake accounts made by them trying to flag down every post in this topic, nasty little scammers.