Social Security Administration 1-844-452-0311

Scammer number: 844-452-0311
Any other scammer information:
Social Security Administration
Office of Inspector

Date: June 11, 2024

Case ID: SSA2033-538U

The cancellation of your Social Security Number (SSN) is scheduled to occur within the next twenty-four hours due to potentially suspicious activities.

Your case has been reported to the Department of Justice for prosecution under the Proceeds of Crime Act of 2002 and the Criminal Code Act of 1950, in addition to other criminal breaches committed in the states of Texas since the beginning of this year:

Count 1 (Drug Trafficking) Section 481, Title 21

Count 2 Act of 1986, (Money Laundering)

Count 3 Theft through Deception 1986 Texas Supreme Court Coe proceedings

You have been the subject of a formal complaint. In accordance with established protocols, law enforcement has discovered twenty-five bank accounts connected to a fraud scheme involving your Social Security Number, totaling fourteen million dollars.

When the agency attempted to send legal paperwork to your most recently known address, the United States Marshals Service discovered the property had been abandoned.

You may begin the process of appealing your decision through the Office of Inspector General (Social Security Administration) by contacting them at 1-844-452-0311.

Blow em’ up pls
much love, Pears

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1505EDT someone answered, but it didn’t sound like an Indian scammer. just Trolled him and have Google Translate read a recorded message.

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