Social Security Administration

Soon as possible again this call is from social security administration number to reach department is 800-878-3697. I repeat it is 800-878-3697. Thank you.

Above is the voicemail the call left me. Last time someone called back it was different or they didnt claim to be from the SSA. Voicemail left at 0840 hrs 8/28/19. And i am posting this 15 mins after the call. Thanks for all yall do. Keep up the good fight!

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At 0909 I called number back it rang a few times then gave me a busy signal. Maybe they were busy or they do not accept incoming calls.

It just hanged up on me it said your call is very important to us please stay on the line while we connect you to the next available agent then it hanged up

They are answering, but even though I gave them a totally verified “legit” number, they cursed and hung up…? Anyone know how they are trying to verify numbers? Everywhere I found online tells me the number is good, but the scammers say it isn’t right and get mad and hang up.

This number is no longer in service going to flag it.