Social Security Number Scammer Keeps Calling Me

Once or twice a day, I get calls from various numbers and they leave automated voicemails saying that they are from the Department of Social Security Administration saying that they shut down my social security number (?) and that I need to speak to a customer service rep to get it reactivated. Please decimate these people. I appreciate it!


The first number (1-877-694-4235) took me to what sounded like DirecTV support

The second number (1-707-668-6440) didn’t work for me. I called about three times and I heard a robot say good bye and hang up

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Yeah, I don’t have DirectTV as I have Comcast, so that’s weird.

Hopefully, the other one was disabled.

Would you mind trying (956) 482-6241? I got the same voicemail about my Social Security being hacked from this number on Monday. Thanks for your help!