Social security scam 2

310 598 5746
SSA Scammers

I am on the phone number with a girl scammer she told me to spell out my fake name its Paul Poe lol dumb scammers. So let’s see if its the same script. Yes, its the same Texas scam. I am ready with a Pen and Paper. Office Trina Davis Bitch ID 23221 Case ID DC7010 So she wants some information she wanted my Date of Birth, the last 4 of my social and then she said don’t interrupt me as I read out whats wrong so I read her script for her and she said never call back this number and instant hang up lol.

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I just called and kept them for 35 mins. as of now number is still active

Hey all,

I got a call last night from “Social Security Administration” that my number has been put on hold due to suspicious activity. I’m not real tech savvy so i turn to you

Here is the Number.1-877-398-9204 Have fun and i hope they get destroyed.