Some Fake Netstat, Tree cmds, fake history cleaner page(basilisk)

I really hope this is the right place for this.

While not meant to fool the scammer most of the time except, endlesstree or netstat3. These are mostly made for “slower” scammers who may not be expecting these things.


cant do that on a linux box so lets see what happen

ATTENTION: I noticed I didn’t include help for EndlessTree. To use it properly make TWO copies of your actual ms-dos tree file and name one say tree1. Put it back in System32 along with the EndlessTree named Tree. To finish right click tree(endless tree) edit and rename the input tree1 or what you may have altered the real trees filename with.

I am very sorry for forgetting to include the steps for endlesstree. I hope you lads and lasses can forgive me.

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I don’t know if anyone here uses Basilisk web browser, but I made a lazy but passable-ish page to look as
if it was part of a add-on that clears your history. Well of course it doesn’t. It’s just an HTML file with vary basic html from like 93. All you have to do is set it as your homepage and make sure you set your privacy to never remember history.

The more real looking Basilisk page layout. Same rules apply except you need to include the css style folder.