Spectrum Scammer

Scammer number: 415-799-9324
Scammer website: unknown
Any other scammer information: These guys call my landline multiple times every day from different spoofed numbers. Yesterday I spoke to one. He offered me a discount on my Spectrum Internet Services. I do not have. Played along, acted interested. I asked him if I can call back. He said his name is Ryan. His number is 415–799-9324. He answered when I called to verify today.

I spent 15 mins f*cking with Ryan today, He blocked my number.

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Well, alrighty then! This is the first time I’ve seen a “Spectrum” number that wasn’t spoofed. I’ve gotten a bunch of those, and some “Comcast/Xfinity” calls. I don’t use Comcast, but I am a Spectrum customer. They use a lot of spoofed local numbers, and I’ve only once tried the “Sounds interesting, but I’m busy now, getting a colonoscopy” trick used by Ben at Pleasant Green to get a callback number. :smiling_imp:
Side note: After a conversation with a nice tech support lady at the real Spectrum, I learned that the scammers are probably just looking up what cable providers cover a particular area, and then spewing out calls to “cast a wide net.” Everyone wants to save 50% on their bill, so some press 1 for that, and some press 1 to scambait.
I probably shouldn’t press 1 when I get these calls on my home phone, but there’s rarely a real number I can call (from a spoofed number of my own) and troll them. On the most recent “Spectrum” call I got, the “agent” (I don’t think it was “Ryan”), I was trying to find out just what the scam was. At one point, the “agent” said something about checking to see how much I could save, said “enjoy the music,” and put me on hold (With the usual scammer music-on-hold. “Minute Waltz”?)
He came back a little while later and knew the exact amount of my bill. I’m guessing he spoofed my number, called Spectrum’s automated system, and got the information. Spectrum’s voice recognition security takes a minute or so to kick in, and their robo-answerer might give out account balance information before it realizes it’s not the actual subscriber making the call. That gives the scammer an opportunity to seem legit. I might need to talk to someone at Spectrum about that,
I’m gonna have to give “Ryan” a few SpoofCard payback calls. :smiling_imp:


read other posts on Spetrum, you will undertsand what hacked data they use.