Spoofing a phone number on a burn phone

I use a burn phone (ie: phone bought from the flea-market, monthly prepaid card bought with cash, and registered in a fake name, no trail leading it to me) to scam bait. It’s an old iPhone 4. Is there an app out there that can spoof it’s outgoing number? I usually keep harassing scammers until they finally block my number and then I move on to the next. I would love to be able to continue calling scammers that block my number. Or would it be a better idea to use something else to scam bait? Thanks

Some VoIP provider allow you to spoof outgoing number. I don’t know your computer skills, maybe it will be easier for you to use a service like FireRTC an placing calls from your computer.

firertc wont be back for a long time.

Kyoya, can you explain what is the problem with FireRTC? I have not used it for a long time. I use SIP Trunking for spoofing.

Do to Bomb Threats and such they have shutdown sign-ups, It has been down for some time. I check back every once and again and it was still down yesterday.

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That’s really a bad thing.:frowning_face: They will probably verify the number with SMS like Twilio did before allowing to spoof so it will become useless to harass scammers. SIP trunking seems to be the only solutions. I cannot name my sip provider because I don’t want people using it to do bo-mb threats but search for one that charges per minutes, have unlimited channels and that have free route for toll free number.

I use my T-Mobile SIM - Thats it. #Winning

fireRTC doesn’t even connect the calls