SS scam number - 470-480-5607

Robo recording with message left on voicemail:

Social Security number is going to be suspended for committing some suspicious and fraudulent activities in the state of Texas. So before we move forward with the legal procedure contact us as soon as possible on 470-480-5607. I repeat it, 470-480-5607. Thank you.

So I just called call a female scammer pick up and I said that I got a robot call to call this number back and she hung up lol.

I called back and I dont know what’s wrong with scammer lol they dont listen and I have to repeat myself about 20 times which is great. Now This scammer wanted my First and Last name, then my phone number and my whole social, Same state of Texas prank. Then I called him out and now him and I are abusing in each lol this is great.

lmao I called an I acted as an Indian Microsoft technical support employee and I had my Indian accent on , dude was getting heated AF lmao that was funny they blocked my number right away tho… he called me an American P***Star even tho I had a fake (but sounds very real) Indian accent , mostly the dudes on this phone line are the ones who get heated.