SS warrant scam

I just got a call from these scumbags. They said I have a warrant regarding my SS.I didn’t answer but they left a voicemail. 346 220 4080

Sorry to hear that you’ve been harassed by those degenerates! Nothing is more annoying that having to deal with that let alone in a predatory fashion.

I myself have dealt with these scammers, I can relate to the fear that can sometimes be felt, and from what I’ve told friends and family whom have too been contacted by these alleged collectors is that in NO WAY would the Social Security Administration ever contact you let alone “cold-call” you to solicit any personal information from you over-the-phone or VIA email as that is illegal.

The number that you had received the call from was more than likely a spoofed “fake” number which of course is a more than common way that scammers contact their victims through various websites and applications (i.e. Google Voice, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) as a way to mask their genuine phone number(s). As a business owner working as a nightclub DJ, to protect myself as well as my clients, I use Google Voice as a way to substitute my personal phone number.

The Social Security Administration does not ever engage in predatory behavior, they legally cannot do this nor do they have the capability to do so. “Fear-Mongering” as I call it is a very common tactical tool scammers use in hopes to gain compliance from their victims, this is especially effective when the victim is elderly as they are marked as “prime targets” for scammers worldwide.This same tactic is used in IRS scams as well.