Ssa (808) 378-5175

Scammer number: (808) 378-5175
Any other scammer information: Officer Justin Peterson
Badge Apr5311


hmm seems legit enough

Most definitely not legit and 100% a scam lol. I have 2 charges on my SSA on my fake made up case ID lmao.

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this seems to be a diff SSA scam, dude is trying to connect to my anydesk


I have 11 bank accounts opened in my name. Let’s see where this goes as if I didn’t know, lol.

Wow, never had one of these go that way…please do tell where this goes SR!

well if they mention anything abt the south border of Tx. Those toyotas have been cleaned out of the no no snow. Its only abt 7 hr drive from houston to there. The ride back is always a blast

Here is his any desk ID: 468300830


Damn i cant get him to play with me. I wanna grabify him or more. But all hes saying is we dont leave voicemails

Dude I’m on with wants to connect via

one of the scammers told me he started 2 days ago and does not like doing it so he applied to a dealership job and is going in for an interview on Monday. He also said he is gonna quit after he got off the call with me, hopefully, he was genuine with this! I’ll probably upload the call to my second channel later bc it was a pretty interesting call.

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That program is real nasty. but u can see all of his connections if he leaves it open

Please do, would love to hear it! :+1:

Yea i would love to hear it as well. Im editing a call i made where the scammer calls me a bastard he was so freaking mad he was stuttering he was so mad.

I had forgotten abt the other channel, I was like what other channel im subbed to both. I thought i was missing something. 12k subs needs to step your game up. Jk

Yeah here it is, let’s hope he actually quit! - Scammer quits scamming after talking to me! - YouTube

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Happy that you were able to convince him to get decent job. People like these give Indians a bad name.

The company I work for has a big worker base in Bangalore. All of them are so nice and smart.

These scammer bastards are morons to get a normal job.