Ssa scam call

No bullshit. I think we became friends. I talked to him for 30 min. At first it was your typical benchode talk, but by the end of it, we were playing 90s rap music to each other trying to guess which artist it was. 3612640074

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Ive had one call me son and tell me he loved me before. They can be friendly sometimes haha

No shit lol. The guy also called me from his cell phone and wanted to stay in touch (fake number) and said how name was pital and he was in aviation training. I’m pretty sure we just pulled a step Brothers.

I called one and one actually wanted to change

Dude he just called me panicking about his aviation test and was terrified about failing. Fuck this dude yet good for him trying to better himself. It’s 1pm there and he was terrified about his test. Let him pass so he gets out of scamming