Ssa scammer gets pissed after waiting almost 2 hours

[Number-Removed] I dont think it works now because I think the actually social security administration caught on to it and changed the intro with a hacked system but the story was awesome I kept making him wait because I "didn’t have a bank account " so I had to “go get” gift cards and when I “came back they didnt work” so he sent me back out to get new ones all equaling 788.88 I came back with new once and gave him "the codes and I kept acting like they werent working still and omg he got so pissed lmfao he threatened me several times lol

This is the actual ssa warning you about fraud calls do not call this number it is legit

Possibly they maybe did

But yea its legit now but its weird

I flagged it to be taken down dont worry

I’ll take it down no worries mate

Okay then lol do whatever