Still pissy, still works

8555597512 angriest indian scammers Ive ever encountered


Please put posts in the right categories. I have already asked you this once today. I have already moved it to the right category.


I dont understand what Im doing wrong, its in the scammer catagory, thats what I picked, they are scammers …what am i missing?

Nope it was uncategorized, also you need to pick a sub catergory so for example you pick scammers > other or scammers > tech support scammer.

…sent you a message

Sorry about dragging up old posts, but this number is still active. I’ve been harassing them all morning. :sunglasses:

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do you know what they are supposed to be?

Pop-up tech support scammers.

nice, gonna call now lol

called a few times, apparently its something to do with email

They disconnect the number while behing harrased with spoofed numbers but they reconnect it later so keep harassing and spoofing

I’ve called them using Google Voice and I blocked my number, at first they said tech support. They said I don’t understand what I am saying, then proceed to ask me for my name: I said ev1 (my version is Evil 1). They told me hang up and never call this number again, before I hung up I curse them out, a lot. Recorded it on voice memo.

These guys are funny.

Got their team viewer info?

The girl said she will fu** with me if I paid 100$ :laughing: I cannot understand her indian name.:smile:

Holy hell this guy told me that I am a baby.

He said I need to get my Dad or Mom to help me first. When I told him I don’t live with my parents he started calling me a baby.

Lol the techs name is Jason Jason lol.

i rang this number ive been talking to the indian lady for 30 mins about how this isn’t a scam she reckons that its a marketing company even though the guy answered before and said it was tech support