Still pissy, still works


8555597512 angriest indian scammers Ive ever encountered


Please put posts in the right categories. I have already asked you this once today. I have already moved it to the right category.


I dont understand what Im doing wrong, its in the scammer catagory, thats what I picked, they are scammers …what am i missing?


Nope it was uncategorized, also you need to pick a sub catergory so for example you pick scammers > other or scammers > tech support scammer.


…sent you a message


Sorry about dragging up old posts, but this number is still active. I’ve been harassing them all morning. :sunglasses:


do you know what they are supposed to be?


Pop-up tech support scammers.


nice, gonna call now lol


called a few times, apparently its something to do with email

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They disconnect the number while behing harrased with spoofed numbers but they reconnect it later so keep harassing and spoofing


I’ve called them using Google Voice and I blocked my number, at first they said tech support. They said I don’t understand what I am saying, then proceed to ask me for my name: I said ev1 (my version is Evil 1). They told me hang up and never call this number again, before I hung up I curse them out, a lot. Recorded it on voice memo.


These guys are funny.


Got their team viewer info?


The girl said she will fu** with me if I paid 100$ :laughing: I cannot understand her indian name.:smile:


Just wanted to say I love your videos man I’m out here taking these faggots down dropping memez where ever I go


Holy hell this guy told me that I am a baby.

He said I need to get my Dad or Mom to help me first. When I told him I don’t live with my parents he started calling me a baby.


Lol the techs name is Jason Jason lol.