Strange scammer story - 1-800 642 7676

So essentially here is what happened: I was playing candy crush and I get a call from the number above. I pick up and the first thing I hear is “Never call this number again” in a very thick Indian accent
I was like “Oh, you must have the wrong number” and was about to hang up until she said “No, I don’t. I am Jennifer. You called me yesterday when you were having troubles with PC. You play voice recording and think you’re funny. I do not think you are funny.” My dad was away and I was bored so I just went along with it and told her about fake PC troubles I was having and asked to have her fix them, but instead she just said. “Never call me again” and hung up. It was so strange. My little brother can vouch for me, he was laughing his head off at this strange exchange. I looked the number up and it was a scammer and another “Never call me again” story happened not too long before I got my call. Very weird indeed.