Student Loan Forgiveness Program and more

I keep getting voicemails from someone claiming they want to help forgive my student loans, problem is I don’t have any student loans. It’s always a woman’s voice, they never say my name and this is how the call goes

“Hi this is Betty I’m calling for the student loan advisory board I’m just reaching out to you in regards to your federal student loan balances and got some great news you’ve been pre-qualified for the student loan forgiveness program however it is imperative that I speak with you just as soon as possible before these programs change you can reach me at 8665030106 I look forward to speaking with you and have a blessed day.”

I keep blocking the numbers they call on but it always changes. Another is Sarah Wallace calling from an LA number but gives the number 725214258, Lisa gives the number 8772506303, Helen gives the number 8772432960, Samantha Clark from number a blocked number but gave 8668642772, and Nancy gives the number 8888104430, I’m sure there’s more but you get the picture. All similar numbers given but caller IDs are from different states and they don’t call from numbers close to what they give but that could be faked. I would love if someone to mess with them. All of the messages are similar but some give a “student code” but some don’t.

I also get calls for my social security number suspected for fraudulent activities (I’m sure they want me to verify my SS over the phone for them)
another claims my computer will be obsolete or compromised if I don’t call they’re number
Federal claims court, call before I get arrested blah blah blah.

I now have my phone set to send all unknown numbers strait to voicemail and I get at least 3 calls a day. Anyone else have this problem?

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