Student Loan Forgiveness Scam (844-205-4547)

Scammer number: (8‎44‎)‑20‎5‑‎4‎5‎4‎7
Scammer email: Luke Palmer [email protected]
Any other scammer information: Received this email from the “Student-Loan Debt Department” (from a hotmail address LOL). The name is definitely not me, and this is a known scam going around. Email is below:

Pauletta Adham, Hello this is Luke Palmer on behalf of the Student-Loan Debt Department. We tried to contact you at your home 1309 June Commonsu Anchorage AK 99520 and did not hear back. Your StudentLoans have been marked as eligible for forgiveness under the new 2024 guidelines. Your case number is #92788, and your file will remain open in my system for only one more day. If you could please give your dedicated eligibility line a call at: (8‎44‎)‑20‎5‑‎4‎5‎4‎7‎ Our office hours are 11am-8pm (EST) Monday-Friday. Thank you so much and we hope to hear from you soon, Luke Palmer

You opted in, Advertising Services, PO Box 249 #57223, Albuquerque, NM 87103 ….. We are a marketing company. For contact details you can contact us at the phone number listed above. You opted in. To be removed from our marketing lists, please enter the URL below into your browser: ’’ and then enter your email. dHJhdmlzbWNkb25uZWxsQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==

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I literally just received this email -word for word- except different home address of course and the email name was different (still Hotmail tho!) I knew it was suspicious!


He‎llo‎ my‎ ‎n‎ame‎ ‎i‎‎s Jona‎‎t‎hon‎‎‎‎ S‎a‎ragosa, a‎‎‎g‎ent i‎d ‎number:‎ . It lo‎‎‎oks ‎‎l‎ik‎‎e‎ you‎r student l‎o‎‎an ‎ma‎y be el‎‎igi‎ble‎‎ f‎or t‎he rec‎e‎nt s‎timu‎lu‎‎s f‎‎org‎i‎ven‎ess‎ and r‎e‎li‎ef‎ ‎l‎‎eg‎isl‎‎atio‎‎‎n, how‎e‎ve‎r ‎your ap‎p‎l‎‎icat‎ion‎ ‎does ne‎‎e‎d‎ to ‎b‎e co‎m‎plet‎e‎d.‎ ‎T‎hi‎s‎ app‎lies‎‎ to‎ ‎al‎‎l lo‎a‎n‎ s‎tat‎u‎s‎‎es‎ includ‎‎i‎n‎g‎ t‎h‎o‎‎s‎e ‎l‎oans ‎‎i‎n‎ ‎d‎e‎f‎ault‎‎ and‎ ‎garn‎‎is‎h‎‎me‎‎nt. If ‎y‎ou‎ could please gi‎ve‎‎‎ you‎r‎ d‎‎edic‎‎a‎ted‎ el‎‎ig‎ib‎‎ility line‎ a‎ c‎al‎l‎‎ ‎a‎t: 866‑‎561‑‎‎3‎81‎‎2‎‎‎,‎‎ we ‎c‎an‎ hav‎‎‎e ‎th‎i‎s applie‎d i‎m‎mediately. Plea‎se‎‎ be aw‎a‎‎re‎ t‎ha‎t‎ ‎t‎hese ‎benefi‎ts co‎m‎e‎ on‎ a ‎‎fir‎st co‎me‎ f‎‎irs‎t ‎se‎rv‎‎e basis ‎‎th‎ou‎‎g‎h‎.

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