Suggestions for getting rid of Facebook celebrity impostors

I’ve made at least two reports to Facebook about some celebrity impostors running “giveaway” scams, but the pages are still up. I’m pretty sure the scams are at the very least Like-farming, probably more likely for phishing, and maybe for distribution of malware. (Malwarebytes blocks the pages that redirect from some scammers’ “Register Now !!!” links.)
The short links (Bitly, Cuttly, TinyURL, Linkiee) on the FB pages have been terminated (which generally happened pretty quickly), and in most cases the Google sites or Blogspot pages that were the destination for the short links have been taken down. (I haven’t checked them all yet today.) But I think Facebook could send a message to the scammers by nuking the fake pages.
Maybe I’m just cranky because FB wouldn’t let me create another account for baiting the scammers (with a PM containing a Grabify link; I have an idea what country they’re in) while shielding my real FB account from retribution.
Happy new year, all. :sunglasses:

However, meta is not as fast as Twitter in dealing with fraud on the instagram fraud platform and Twitter, although Twitter will not be taken down for three months at the latest.

Facebook will never remove scammers from the platform, for the simple fact that scammers are paying customers and you are not. The bots and customized pages that scammers on FB use cost money, and therefore generate revenue for FB. They also boost the daily active user count that FB uses as a selling point to advertisers, some of whom are other scammers that pay for fake ads to run scams. Scammers are good for business; people like us, who complain about scammers and thus damage FB’s value to investors, are not good for business. If FB wanted to deal with the scammers, they could do it. It would be hard to eliminate them all, but they could make FB a difficult place to operate. They don’t because it’s not in their interest to do so.