Sunday Morning Filth 877-352-1555

877-352-1555. I tried telling him that I was trying to look for “dirty videos” and I got the blocked message, and he just hung up. Maybe its the same group of scammers as before and they recognized my number? I no longer have FireRTC so I have to use Google Voice and TextNow, so I’m limited.

I attempted to reach this one, he sounded like he was very sleepy.

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Haha. I’ve dealt with the sleepy ones before. One scammer literally fell asleep when I called and he forgot to hang up the call so I stayed on listening to background sounds and commercials, etc. Was even talking to ScammerRevolts and other scam-baiters through the scammer’s own phone system! I also listened to some of the auto-dialed victims and tried to warn them away. It was a trip.

This one will only send me to voicemail no matter what voice service that I use. However I have exploded the voice message system.

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