SupportTech Cruise Scam 1-304-769-6345

I missed a phone call at home and decided to give a ring back. The long and short of it… Someone trying too hard to sound chipper offering a free cruise if I tell friends and family about it. I asked how my number was obtained and I can answer any question. They said they understand and they want no personal details, which I again interjected with how was my number obtained for your job? -click-.

Let me know how you lads and lasses do.

Scammers and anyone can get your number a million ways. They buy numbers or programs off each other. Same with real life companies they do the same things. Or people can use reverse looks up and put in a phone number if its legit and get some info about you and if they pay to continue then they can get even more info about, the internet has many ways my friend. But if they cant respond to a simple question then yes you know they are not legit. But if you ask any normal place how did you get my number they might say off a job site agency or whatever but yeah. I will call them later when I get out of work.

I know, I just wanted to see if they would reveal any more information I could work with. I Wasn’t expecting a fast hang up. Let me know how that goes, I want to see if they try to avoid everything.

I remember in school when I checked my phone, there’d be a whole list of random numbers. One day I was bold enough to call one back and it was for medicaid ??? Like what even.

Edit: Might call the number