"Suspicious activity" scammer popup

Number: 1-844-292-5564

Link: hxxp://newjapan.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

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Ok I am calling this number now, its active and he wants me to use windows key and letter r then you need to hh h Jump to URL and he is taking me to www.8461.weebly.com I have never seen this site before he wants me to connect to tech and it downloads windows_helpdesk.exe this does not work on my VM. He said he is going to call me back in 10 mins. Lol either scammer didnt know what to do or he caught on but if he caught on he would have called me out or he is trying to ask other scammers what to do but have fun with this one.

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lol these scammers are idiots!

called them told them i work with microsoft and they really got scared, said they call back in 5 mins , yet to hear from them


They probably said that to get you to hang up lol and welcome to the forum!

thank you!!! Much Appreciated, Big fan on youtube !!

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It has been disabled, goes to a bot saying Toll Free Forwarding