Suspicious Caller (Beware)

Okay, I of course had long since blocked this number after having researched online, but I wanted to warn everyone of a potential scammer who appears to have a “Google Voice” number. I am a self-employed DJ and got a voicemail from this caller that if I remember correctly went by a fake name of “Mr. Isaac”.

The number he called from was: (334) 310-1899

When “Mr. Isaac” messaged me initially, he asked if I was a DJ, and of course not initially seeing the red flag, I replied “yes” thinking it was a prospective venue/client as I do advertise quite regularly and for my safety and for the safety and privacy of my DJ venues/clients, I too have a google voice number in place of my real phone number exactly to protect against things like this.

Anyway, he then right away asked for my name which if he’d had half a brain, he’d have gotten it from my business voicemail. So I of course didn’t provide my name, and proceeded to ask him if he was looking for DJ entertainment services, and after a lag in response, I then had told him that “this number is for legitimate business inquiries only.” And then blocked the number.

To help protect both victim and business owners like myself, here’s a screenshot I took of what I found…

If anyone has heard from this number, or can investigate it further, please let me know. I’d like to put this person out of business!